We spoke to Yi Ling, the creative director behind 1×1 Studio, during the LFWM presentation. Text by Rhiannon D’Averc. Photographs by Haydon Perrior – @thomasdecruzmedia @haydonperrior

The 1×1 Studio presentation instantly gave an impression of love and relationships: roses were everywhere, attached to bondage gear and scattered amongst knotted red ropes. There was a certain amount of kink involved in the handcuffs and cage masks, and the dancers who contorted and performed between each round of looks.

“I’m travelling loads, like around the world,” Yi Ling explained. “When I see the couples, they are at a train station or on the street, sometimes they’re fighting, sometimes they talk about their problems in their relationships, sometimes they French kiss and they are so into [each other], even the environment is gone for them… I just make a note down, like a really nice documentary, I want to record it. But I’m not a movie maker, so I’m trying to express that through my fashion. So you can see some of the looks are really sweet, or it’s something like a lost love, something really sad.”

There was certainly plenty to love about the collection, even beyond enjoying the looks themselves: they were also very eco-friendly. The brand aims for consistency, continuing to use materials “which we developed ourselves, and for this collection we used the recycled bottle yarn as well. It’s really warm, for a winter feeling, but it’s also really nice for the environment.”

A great and refreshing aspect of the presentation was that visitors were not only allowed, but even encouraged, to take selfies with the models and explore the garments close-up. “For me, I feel like if a fashion show is always so formal, they feel like “Oh, okay, model is gone, model is running away!” without even taking photos. I think if they can talk and take photos, they can really enjoy the atmosphere in the space here more. Like you are coming to a club, and everyone here, even the DJ on the stage, they can really enjoy their time. You can take some pictures and express your love!”

We certainly enjoyed our time inside Fabric admiring all of the looks. Our prediction? You will want to keep an eye on 1×1 Studio in times to come. They are creating something very exciting indeed.

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