Name of company: The Purple Collection

Type of business: Clothing brand

Location: United Kingdom

How long has the company been running?

7 months

Where did the idea come from?

Loving the colour purple and wanting to start a new venture.

What are your company values?

Individuality, self-love, charisma, and sophistication.

Currently, how many people work for the business?

Only me at the moment but will go up to 2 once I hire a seamstress for the second collection – stay tuned! 😉

What advice would you give to someone who wants to start a business?

Make sure you’re mentally and financially ready for this venture. Also, make sure to do a risk assessment and analyse any pros and cons that could happen. It requires a lot of patience, creativity, energy, and endurance.

Where do you hope the company will be in 5 years time? 

In a better and more creative place than it was the year before.

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