Nike announces the launch of its first maternity collection

Darcey Sergison reviews Nike’s latest collection providing maternity activewear. 

Nike has been supporting athletes for decades, and now they are helping women through all stages of their pregnancy. Nike (M) supports women through early to post-pregnancy making this capsule perfect for all new and expectant mothers. 

This collection is a four-piece capsule of all the essentials. This includes a pullover, sports bra, tank top, and workout tights. Nike has employed a universal design philosophy to help play a role for moms as their relationship with their bodies and sport simultaneously change.

As well as this Nike has also considered sustainability within this collection. Using 78% to 88% recycled polyester, not only will this achieve comfort for mothers wearing it now, but it will also help the environment for the children of the future. 

To create the best possible fit and ensure comfort in their new activewear, Nike has undertaken extensive research. Nike (M) has been sorting through pregnancy data findings from more than 150,000 comparison scans of non-pregnant women and pregnant women. To ensure the best results, Nike included nearly 30 female athletes who were pregnant or postpartum.

United States women’s national soccer team member and Orlando Pride forward Alex Morgan said this new collection is a crucial part of supporting women in such a huge physical and mental change in their life. “As an athlete, you want to see gains. You want to continue to progress. Throughout my pregnancy I had to shift my focus from thinking, ‘I’m getting worse at my mile’ or ‘I’m getting more tired easily,’ to ‘I’m growing a baby, so be forgiving of yourself.’”

Nike (M) goes beyond the main focus of the trimesters of pregnancy and focuses on aftercare in postpartum. Having a baby is not limited to a nine-month period but extends far further than this. “Postpartum is one of those areas that really gets forgotten,” says Morgan.

Be sure to check out the collection from 17th September across Europe, Asia, and North America on

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