The Final of The Face of London Runway Competition is here!

Grace Pickford reports on the final round of The Face of London Runway Competition and tells you how you can place your vote to help decide the winner.

The Face of London Runway competition is drawing to a close and it is up to you to decide the winners. With only 12 contestants remaining (6 men and 6 women), who will you vote to be the next face of London Runway magazine?

The competition opened its casting all the way back in April of this year but with the impacts of Covid-19, there was a halt in its proceedings. This has only created more suspense for the 12 remaining contestants who have now faced virtual calls, a photo shoot and now the public vote. 

The final round consists of voting for your favourite model on the London Runway Facebook page. The winner of The Face Of London Runway competition will be awarded with an editorial photoshoot to put their face on the cover of London Runway magazine, help with their career on the runway, with networking and getting agency attention, as well as photo appearances throughout the year within the magazine. The runner ups will be featured throughout the year in issues also. 

With the first ever Face of London Runway competition taking place in 2019, it has been carried forward for a second run, and this time the sky was the limit with no resrictions on age (as long as contestants were 18 or over), height, gender, weight…you get the picture! 

The previous round was a high-pressure photo shoot where the models each had the opportunity to pose for the camera and it was from these images that the final 6 men and 6 women were chosen for the final. 

The winner will now be chosen from both our votes and yours! Go to our Facebook page to find the images of all of the contestants and place your vote by liking their corresponding image. 

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