London Runway is raising funding

We’ve been offered the chance to get some free funding, so long as we can match it ourselves! We’ve set up a crowdfunding campaign with Crowdfunder, which will help us on the next phase of our journey as we head into the new year.

There are plenty of rewards open for those who back us, from as little as a £10 contribution. You could get:

  • Free digital wallpaper downloads
  • A free copy of one of our back issues
  • Your name or brand name mentioned in the back of the next issue
  • A half page or full page exclusive that you can fill with whatever you like
  • Sponsorship of a full issue

If you love what we do and want to see us continue, please share the campaign and help us to raise the funds needed to cover our costs. As a dying breed, print journalism is very expensive to run – and we really appreciate every bit of help, from those of you who buy the magazine every month to any contribution you can give!

Here’s the link to the campaign again – check it out and feel free to ask questions or leave us feedback in the comments here!

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