Viktorija Mockute writes about Francesca. R. Palumbo’s new knitwear collection, on display at the Hundred Showroom S/S19 show.

Francesca. R. Palumbo graduated from Middlesex University in 2017 and was shortlisted for MTV Costume designer in the same year. Whilst completing her degree she interned with Julien Macdonald. Once graduating she also interned with Mark Fast and was part of the final of Britain’s Top Designer in 2018. Her outstanding achievements over the years have encouraged her to pursue her career further by expressing her views through her intricate designs, which you saw previously in our interview in Issue 22. 

Francesca has been inspired by many female role models who have shaped her ideas and inspired her work. By exploring a variety of textures and colours she creates sustainable garments which are personal to the owner, challenging the idea of fast fashion. She aims to highlight the female figure with her clothes by creating detailed patterns that follow the natural curves of the body and highlight their unique beauty. Her aim is to make women feel valiant and empowered, as they are able to take on any role and make a difference in today’s society.  

She is passionate about a variety of environmental issues such as saving endangered species, saving the rainforest, and cleaning the oceans – as shown with her previous collection, Beauty in Poison, which was her reaction to their terrible destructive nature as well as the negative effects on sea life. Each piece was named after an oil spill and aimed to represent the entrapment of species. 

Throughout Francesca’s work, she emulates the surroundings and community that we are currently living in. Inspired by conservation and preservation, Francesca strives to make her clothing as sustainable as possible whilst bringing attention to current events and important issues. She believes it is important to question, raise awareness, and challenge issues in society whether it be environmental, political or social.

Francesca. R. Palumbo’s latest collection, Pearls of Disparity has been showcased at Hundred Showroom. Each piece was unique and vibrant in colour, demonstrating the bold confidence of collection with a range of different textures giving the pieces a unique twist. This page and next page – all designers from Hundred Showroom catwalk, sponsored by Inglot Cosmetics. Featuring Elvhem, Nuno, C.U.M., Nathalie Coste, Karol Cygan

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