This week, Ellie Dyson reflects on the bond between art and fashion, ahead of the Old Master’s painting sale curated by Victoria Beckham. Sam Rangasamy illustrates. 

Victoria Beckham has been investing in art for years, mainly choosing contemporary artists like Tracy Emin and Banksy. But recently, the singer-turned designer looked to a new direction, with a collaboration with Sotheby’s. Ahead of the Old Master’s painting sale on the 4th June, Beckham carefully curated a collection of her favourite portraits stretching over a range of eras, the oldest dating back to the fifteenth century. The work was exhibited in her Dover Street store from the 22nd to the 27th June, before being moved for the auction starting on 4th July. Featured here are two of the sixteen portraits which have been curated for the exhibition and auction.

The auction house hopes that this exciting partnership will invite a younger generation to invest in art, whilst also generating a buzz for a genre which has recently been receiving less interest, what with investors going for a more contemporary category.

However, this collaboration is not the first time art and fashion have intertwined. Here’s a look at eight times we admired art on the runway.




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