Taking inspiration from the beautiful headwear on display during London Hat Week, Rachel Parker looks at some of the most iconic hats in film history and how you can wear them in 2018!

Breakfast at Tiffany’s – 1961


No movie costume could be more iconic than Audrey Hepburn’s black Givenchy dress in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. The outfit would not be complete without a wide-brimmed hat and dark glasses, lending an elegance that has given this fashion moment its timeless appeal.

Annie Hall – 1977


Diane Keaton’s androgynous aesthetic in Annie Hall has long been a source of on-screen style inspiration, spawning generations of women in crisp white shirts, slouchy tailoring and straight ties. The look is perfected with a black bowler hat, adding a quirky touch to the masculine styling.

Desperately Seeking Susan – 1985


Desperately Seeking Susan teaches us that no eighties punk outfit is complete without an oversized velvet bow atop a messy perm. Wear with chunky jewellery and a statement blazer to channel the eighties resurgence, or if you’re feeling brave enough to go full Madonna, fingerless gloves.


Pretty Woman – 1990


First Cinderella appeared at the ball in a gown, and then there was Julia Roberts at the races in her brown polka dot dress and sunhat trimmed with matching ribbon. Pretty Woman provides a whole wardrobe of headwear inspiration; from Vivian’s platinum wig and Beatles cap to the black boater she dons to confront rude shop staff, this film shows us that the right hat can complete any look.

Clueless – 1995


Cher’s closet has a cult following of its very own, with a host of apps seeking to recreate her virtual dressing room and entire trends dedicated to emulating her aesthetic. Clueless is fashion shorthand for preppy tartan co-ords, knee socks and copious Calvin Klein- but let’s not forget the power of the humble beret to elevate anyone’s Most Capable Looking Outfit.

Love, Actually – 2003


Let’s be honest, Keira Knightley giggling ‘‘I look quite pretty!’’ while watching her own wedding video AND effortlessly rocking a denim bakerboy cap might be the most irritating moment in movie history. The current noughties revival sees baker-boy hats appearing all over the high street; time to take note from everyone’s favourite Christmas rom-com.

Moonrise Kingdom – 2012


This Wes Anderson film matches vintage cinematography to a wardrobe of hazy colour palettes, Peter Pan collars and sixties styling. Emulate Kara Hayward in her deep pink beret and co-ordinating coat, or try a fur cap inspired by Jared Gilman and his boy-scout uniform.

All images via YouTube

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